Sneak Peak at the Amazon Smartphone – Finally!

Amazon smartphone
Amazon Smartphone

With everyone gearing up to create cool gadgets, Amazon didn’t want to stay behind on the ride. For years, rumors came forward that Amazon has been wanting to create its own line of smartphones to compete in the gadget-come, gadget-go world out there and we finally get to see a its very first design which may be the first Amazon smartphone to hit the markets. reports that they recently got their hands on a picture which is one of the two upcoming Amazon smartphones that might hit the market. At first glance, the phone does not seem anything extraordinary but time shall tell more about how extraordinary it gets. The phone does have a full touchscreen and reminds us of the new Nokia versions of smartphones. Also, it might have a 3D display like the HTC Evo 3D. HTC tried it’s luck with 3D displays but did not go huge with their innovation.

According to, the company might be releasing this version and another soon. The image provided has the phone in a shell case allowing the real body of the mobile to remain hidden. Amazon wants to give 3D displays another shot at the market with a more casual and usable look. There is one surprising aspect of the phone which took us by surprise – the phone will have six cameras. Four on the front and two at the back, to support it’s 3D display options.

Mashable reports that Amazon is focusing more on the 3D aspect of the Amazon smartphone because the company wants viewers to be able to look at 3D images without needing any 3D glasses. Another rumour about this phone is that it is going to be running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor along with Fire OS which is the Amazon version of Android.

The Amazon smartphone phone will also have 2GB of RAM. All these facts make us think that Amazon is ready for a launch.

In fact, The Wall Street Journal agrees and says that Amazon will be officially launching the smart phone in June and will be ready to ship it out in the 3rd quarter. Sounds like a plan!