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Dreamhost is one of the most popular and widely used hosting companies. With options for beginners, small businesses to big corporations, Dreamhost caters to all of them. If you are a beginner who wants to start a website, Dreamhost is a great choice. Once you have a website up and running, learn how to configure mail on Dreamhost Webmail using this tutorial.

How to Configure Mail on Dreamhost Webmail?

Step 1: Login to your Dreamhost Dashboard. Your Dreamhost Dashboard consists of all the options to manage your domains, mails, databases, etc

Step 2: In the sidebar, click on the Mail option. The mail will collapse into multiple options like Manage Email, Webmail, Custom MX, etc. Click on Manage Email.

Manage Email Dreamhost

Step 3: Click on the Create a New Email Address button.

Create a New Email Address Dreamhost

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Mail Address Settings

Step 4: You will be redirected to the Fully Hosted Email hosting page. This page contains all the settings for creating and configuring mail on Dreamhost. Select the email address you want to create. I am creating for representation purposes. The Mailbox Name option is the name you will use to send and receive mails.

Mail Address Settings

For the password, you have two choices. Set up your own password or let Dreamhost generate one for you. Your password will be generated on the next page if you let Dreamhost generate it. The limit total disk usage option limits the storage for the particular account. Caution: Insufficient space may end up causing your mails to bounce.

Check the Email me daily warnings option to receive mailbox full notifications.

Step 5: The next section contains options to tidy up your mailbox. I am gonna keep the default options but you are free to change them as per your needs. Click on Create Address to create your email address.

Configure Mail on Dreamhost Webmail

Step 6: Your new email address is now created. The success message box also displays your generated password. Your email address will be active in a while.

Configure Mail on Dreamhost Webmail

Step 7: After your email address is active, you can login to your Webmail using

Dreamhost Webmail Login

How to Add a Subdomain in Dreamhost

Edit Mail Settings

Step 8: To edit your mail address settings, go to Mail – Manage Email. Find your domain in the list and click on Show Selected Domains.  The list displays all your mail accounts. Click on the Edit option next to your email address. Save your settings once done.

Configure Mail on Dreamhost Webmail

Forward Only Email

If you need to create a secondary mail account to deliver the mails to your primary account, find the Forward Only Email section. Create a new forward only email in the Email Address Textbox. Input all the email addresses to forward to in the textarea below it. And, you are done!

Forward Only Mail Dreamhost

I hope this guide on how to configure mail on Dreamhost Webmail made your job easier! Please subscribe to ReadMeNow for more such tutorials!

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