ReadMeNow is a professional blog started on 1st February, 2013. Initially, the niche of the blog was technology but as it has evolved, we felt the need to cover various topics other than technology and gadgets. So, we introduced three more topics, Humour, Lifestyle and Travel. Even today, the major content of ReadMeNow focuses on technology and gadgets but we plan to make RMN a general niche blog as time passes.

ReadMeNow has evolved over time and we have improved a lot. Initially, it was a one man team and today we are proud to say that our team has grown to 8 people. We work hard round the clock to provide fresh, new content and help you out with your doubts. Our content is well researched and well written so as to provide our readers with a good overview of what’s latest in the world. We love experimenting and trying out new stuff.

ReadMeNow is for anyone who loves reading, learning and trying out new stuff. Quality and original content are the principles we are based on. Yes, even we hate plagiarism. We also want to thrive as a community and establish a quality and fulfilling readership.

With your help, we have grown a lot in the last two years and we hope to receive the same response. You can continue to contribute to us by giving us your valuable suggestions / comments / views as well as referring to your friends and sharing it on social media.

We recently completed two years and you can read our story so far here, ReadMeNow turns two – The story so far.