free calling apps

Top 5 Free Calling Apps On Android And iOS

Now-a-days you can't see anyone without smartphones. Even a 8-year old child roams with a smartphone in his pocket. If you don't use a...
lost phone

Find your phone that is stolen or lost | Android

We all want our devices to be safe and secure. Losing one's device is a nightmare, as it carries our personal information that includes...
iPhone to Android

Transfer data from iPhone to Android

It is an unspoken truth that smartphones have become a part and parcel of our lives. Every other task that we need to perform...
block candy crush readmenow

Block Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

Candy crush saga got popular some few months ago. Some folks say, it is an addictive game but there are some, like me, who...
apple products

Are Apple Products Addictive?

Apple may have been one of the most followed and loved brand for tech-geeks, except that now it has gone to another level. Imagine, recent...
Samsung Milk Music App

Samsung Milk Music App Takes Music to the Next Level

There is a new music streaming app in town and it is called Milk Music by Samsung. Although there are tons of music apps...
apple carplay

Apple CarPlay Finally Introduced for iPhone Users

Remember the time when it was hard to connect an iphone with the car just because iphone never added a Bluetooth system in the...
new google maps

New Google Maps App for Smartphones and Tablets released

The Google Maps app for smartphones and tablets has been updated to version 7 and has brought many changes. In words of the Google...

Truecaller database hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Yes! Truecaller database hacked. It has been reported that the database of Truecaller has been hacked by the hackers of Syrian Electronic Army. Also,...
google hangouts

Google Hangouts: Google’s unified messaging service released

The previously rumored Google Babel has now finally come up and it is named as 'Hangouts'. Google Hangouts is a new, unified instant messaging service that replaces...

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