Floating planets

Floating Planets – Tutorial

A few months ago, I made a floating planets picture. It was my first try and was pretty happy with it so I decided...

Composition – Basics of Photography

Everyone sees and perceives the world differently. Photography has "little to do with what you see and everything to do with how you see...
smoke photography

DSLR Tutorial – Smoke Photography

There is no right or wrong way to photograph smoke. This tutorial on smoke photography is a description of the method and set up that...
basics of photography

Basics of Photography – Exposure Controls

Have you ever been scared of using the Manual Mode (M) on your camera? Wondered how only the subject is in focus with the...
make 3d images in Photoshop

Make 3D anaglyph images in Photoshop

My previous post was about the concept of Anaglyph 3D in which we discussed about stereoscopy, the concept of 3D anaglyph as well as it's applications....
Anaglyph 3D

What is Anaglyph 3D Imaging?

Anaglyph 3D is named after stereoscopic 3D effect caused by combining two channels of different colours for respective eyes. It can be viewed using...

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