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Are you an amateur photographer who has finally decided to put a nice looking watermark? Do you have a series of images where you want to put a predefined text? This tutorial is on how to watermark images using Adobe Lightroom. Adding watermarks in Adobe Lightroom is fairly straight forward and easy.

How to Watermark Images using Adobe Lightroom?

Step 1: Launch Adobe Lightroom. If you are a macOS user, go to Lightroom – Edit Watermarks and if you are a Windows user, you can go to Edit – Edit Watermarks.

Lightroom Edit Watermarks

Step 2: The Watermark Editor dialog box will open. There are two types of watermarks in Lightroom – Text and Graphic.

Text Watermark

Step 3: The text watermark displays a simple text watermark that you can format it. Enter the text you want to watermark on your images in the bottom left corner.

Watermark Editor Lightroom

Step 4: Format the text using the text options in the same dialog box. Set the desired font, type and the alignment. The color option lets you choose your watermark color using the default Apple color picker. Set the shadow and it’s properties. Shadow will help you to distinguish the watermark from the vivid colors of your image.

Text Options Watermark

Graphic Watermark

Step 5: To set a graphic watermark, click on the graphic radio button in the top right corner of the Watermark Editor Dialog Box. Select your desired graphic and click on Choose. I would suggest using a transparent image that wouldn’t ruin the beauty of your pictures.

Step 6: Check the preview of the graphic logo you just chose.


Graphic Watermark Preview

Step 7: The Watermark Effects section will let you set multiple options for both the types. The opacity controls the transparency of your watermark. The size option controls the size of the logo. I would suggest using the proportional type if you are looking to display your watermark at the sides. The inset options will move your logo horizontally and vertically as per your selection.

Watermark Effects Lightroom

Step 8: Click on Save when you are done formatting your logo. Set the desired name of your watermark in the New Preset Box and click on Create. 

Save Picture Lightroom

Step 9: To preview your watermark on any image, click on Export – Export. 

Export Image Lightroom

Step 10: In the Export Dialog Box, scroll to the bottom to find the Watermarking Options and check the Watermark option. From the list of Watermarks, select the one you created.

Watermark Images using Adobe Lightroom

Step 11: Click on Edit Watermarks in the same dropdown list to preview and edit your watermark on the image.

Preview Watermark Lightroom

That’s all folks. We hope this guide on how to watermark images in Lightroom was a piece of cake. Let us know if you have any problems in the comments below.

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