block WiFi intruders

How to block WiFi intruders and secure your network?

Is your wifi really slow even when you are subscribed to a high speed internet line? There are chances that you might have an...
android app development

Android App Development – Beginner’s Guide

Android has disrupted the smartphone industry with almost 82.8% market share (source - IDC), and android app development with Android as a platform is...

YU Yutopia – The ‘Beast’ from Micromax is out.

Micromax YU televentures has become quite a renowned name in the Indian market. Ever since last year, it has been releasing a hoard of...
Block distracting apps on android

How To Block Distracting Apps On Android

Have to finish your project work but keep getting distracted by Clash of Clans notifications? Need to study for your exams but can’t stop...

How To Recover Lost Data On Android.

Do you miss the ability to recover photos or any file which you've accidentally deleted? Although android doesn't have a recycle bin, there are...
Use Screen Recorder for Mac

How To Use Screen Recorder For Android

Here is all you need to know on how to use screen recorder for android. Whether you want to shoot a tutorial on your android device...
hide files on android

Manually hide files on Android devices

Admit it. You've always wanted to hide those obscene selfies you took in your free time on your Android phone, from your friends. Or...
meizu mx5

Meizu MX5 – The Flagship killer for 2015

After a whole lot of speculations and rumors about the next killer flagship by Chinese OEM Meizu, Meizu MX5 was made official yesterday. Meizu...
Xolo Hive

Xolo Hive OS – The OS made in India

In the world of Android Customization, Custom ROMs have made their mark and have removed all the barriers put by stock firmwares. Xolo Hive...
useful android apps

Useful Android Apps To Make Life Easy

So as we can see, everything is becoming more and more modern. Everything is at your fingertips. The internet has become so vast and...

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