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Have to finish your project work but keep getting distracted by Clash of Clans notifications? Need to study for your exams but can’t stop your instant urge from checking your phone for recent messages or updates from your friends? Your friends spending more time on their phone when the whole group goes for dinner and you are left alone?

Has your android phone turned you into a procrastinator? You’re not alone my friend. Even if you never play those addicting games on your android device, just the long list of stream of Whatsapp forwards from your friends (not to mention the pure evil of the infinitely scrollable Instagram and Facebook feed) can cause you to become a couch potato and keep your goals in side.

Yes, there’s a solution to this. There’s an app to block distracting apps on android. Quit the habit of procrastinating and start achieving your goals with ClearLock: Block distractions, a new free app for Android. If you’re wasting your time on your android phone, this is a must have app for you.

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Here’s how to block distracting apps on your Android:

1. Install and open the app ClearLock.

2. Give the app usage access permission so that it can start blocking those distracting apps. Tap “Give Permission,” and you may be directed to your settings. Then scroll down to find and tap “Apps with usage access”. Select CleanLock and turn it on to allow access.

block distracting apps

3. Now, go back to the CleanLock app and you may find the list of all applications installed on your phone. Select all those apps which are making you procrastinate and are addicting.

clear lock block distracting apps

4. Select the time limit you want to block those apps. It can be 10 minutes or 2 hours depending on your work.


5. Hit “Block Apps,”. Now once you tap “I’M Sure”, Congratulations. You have successfully blocked all those apps and there is no chance you can use them unless you restart your phone. (You won’t even be able to modify the settings just to check the messages you received or there’s an attack on your Clan.)

block distracting apps


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