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Do you miss the ability to recover photos or any file which you’ve accidentally deleted? Although android doesn’t have a recycle bin, there are ways through which you can recover lost data on android. It doesn’t matter if you are rooted or not, there are ways for both. If you have accidentally deleted something and want it back, here is something you need to do right away. Do not store or save any new data on your phone so that it doesn’t overwrite the data path. Also turn off your network connection so that no automatic update ruins your file.

Recover Lost Data On Android(Not Rooted and Rooted)

If you don’t know what root means, you are probably not rooted. So first you need to do is connect your phone to pc and run a file recovery app. However with devices running 4.0+, devices do not show up like flash drives as android ditched the mass storage protocol. Although we can deal with this.

Here is the trick, if the files you’re looking for are in your memory card, then remove the memory card and connect it via a Card reader or a SD Card Adopter. Download Recuva on your pc which is a program which helps to recover lost files. It has a paid version and a free version too. Many different programs are also available to recover lost data on android but some of them require root access.

After installing, when you run Recuva, select the file type which you want to recover like photos, videos, audio, documents etc. You can also select a file location to locate your lost file more quickly. This will show you only location of files which can be recovered. Follow the simple instructions on your screen and you are good to go.

recover lost data on android

If the files are in your device memory, enable the Developer’s options. If you haven’t done so, go to setting->About Phone-> Build Number. Tap on Build number 5-6 times unless you get a notification “You are now a developer.”

Now go into Developer’s option and enable USB debugging. Now you can use an app such as Wondershare Data Recovery to recover lost data on android from your device internal memory.

Android Apps To Recover Lost Data On Android.

If you want to take a precaution before anything happens, you can use android apps too. There is an app Dumpster which works like the recycle bin on windows desktop or laptop. Dumpster helps you and gives you the ability to recover accidentally deleted files from your android device. Another app is Undelete which helps you to recover lost data on android, but it requires root access. You can recover all types of files from this app.

recover lost data on android

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