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Google has kickstarted it’s annual developer conference – Google I/O with a lot of exciting updates. One of the updates is a good news for iPhone users. Google announces the Google Assistant for the iPhone. Does this mean it’s time to say goodbye to Siri?

Scott Huffman, VP of Engineering Assitant said, “Today, I’m excited to announce that Google Assistant is available for iPhone.” As of now, the Google Assistant is not available on the iOS App Store but it will be soon made available. A lot of you might be wondering if you can now replace Siri as your personal assistant but sadly, thanks to the constraints of iOS devices, you can’t. Don’t let that disappoint you. You can still use it by launching the Google Assistant app on your iPhone.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a powerful personal assistant that can help you out with a lot of things like setting a reminder, calling someone. First launched for Google Pixel, the Google Assistant now powers millions of Android devices now. You can ask the Google Assistant anything, make it do things. Currently, it only supports the English language, unlike the Siri which supports a lot of other languages. But it’s just a matter of time until Google launches the Google Assistant support for multiple languages.

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How do I Download the Google Assistant on the iPhone?

As of now, the Google Assistant is not available on the app store but later today, it will be. Hold your horses for a bit longer and download the app.

Top 10 things I can do with my Google Assistant?

  1. Ask for any information on the web and it will fetch it using Google Search.
  2. Translate anything into various languages
  3. Save a reminder
  4. Text someone
  5. Open an application
  6. Play Music
  7. Pull up your flight itinerary
  8. Check live scores
  9. Check if you have to carry an umbrella today
  10. Sing a Song

The Google Assistant is considered more powerful than the Siri and only time will tell if it outruns Siri as a personal assistant. Till then, watch the Google I/O 2017 live here on ReadMeNow. Subscribe ReadMeNow for more updates.

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