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An Assorted Pick

How to add vignette lightroom

How to Add Vignette in Adobe Lightroom

What's up fellow photographers? One of the best effects that have happened to photographers is the vignette. A vignette darkens the edges of the images…
Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs – A Google AI to Help you Get Jobs

Google is kicking some ass at the Google I/O, it's annual developers conference. The Google I/O conference gets exciting year by year as it launches…

Spy Camera: Capture Hidden Media on Android

Everybody at some time may have the need to record or capture something without anyone noticing it right. We all had dreams of being a…
minuum keyboard
Minuum Keyboard – Another innovation after Swype comes out
calculate sum of digits in C Programming
C Program to Calculate the Sum of Digits
calculate gross salary in C
Calculate gross salary in C
Integrate Social Accounts in macOS Sierra
Integrate Social Accounts in macOS Sierra
8 Acoustic Sessions by Ed Sheeran
8 Awesome Acoustic Sessions by Ed Sheeran
multiply two numbers in c
Multiply two numbers in C (with algorithm)