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An Assorted Pick

Whatsapp call

WhatsApp Call for Android

After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook there were big rumors that WhatsApp was coming up with a new feature. There were leaked images from…

Project your Windows Mobile screen to PC

Hey folks, this is a very simple guide on how to project your Windows Mobile screen to PC. This is done using the 'project my…
Free SSL Certificate using Let's encrypt

Free SSL Certificate using Let’s Encrypt – Dreamhost

Are you still running your website on unencrypted HTTP? With the proposed deprecation of the unsecure HTTP by Firefox and Google both, it's just a…
c program to calulate the volume of cylinder
C Program to Calculate the Volume of Cylinder
preview for developers
Preview For Developers Windows Phone Guide
install wordpress
How to Install WordPress Manually
calculate circumference, area and perimeter in C
Calculate circumference, area and perimeter of a rectangle in C
Block a website on Windows(Hosts file)
Android for work
Android for Work : Manage work and home life