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Google is kicking some ass at the Google I/O, it’s annual developers conference. The Google I/O conference gets exciting year by year as it launches exciting products that are at the top of the game. With the Google Assistant being launched for iPhone, one of the other interesting announcements is Google for Jobs – Google’s AI-powered job tool that lets you search for jobs. The Google for Jobs initiative will help people seek for jobs easily using its AI-powered engine. This will help users seeking for jobs connect with the companies in a right manner.

It’s a no-brainer that Google is shifting its focus from mobile-first to AI-first solutions. This new feature will be available to Google Search users seeking jobs using machine learning. For now, the Google for Jobs initiative will only be available to US users but you know how fast Google works when it comes to launching products and services worldwide. In his blog, Sundar Pichai mentioned, “We are now witnessing a new shift in computing: the move from a mobile-first to an AI-first world. And as before, it is forcing us to reimagine our products for a world that allows a more natural, seamless way of interacting with technology.”

Google for Jobs – Overview

The Google for jobs initiative is a tool to make the technological advances accessible to everyone in some form or other. Hence, this initiative will help users find better jobs, in a right manner as opposed to the traditional job seeking websites. Initially, Google is going to partner with job listing sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, Facebook, etc among others to provide a smart solution to the job seekers.

The Google for Jobs initiative will identify job searches by Google and show relevant job positions for whoever wants a job. This initiative will have multiple tools to find the right kind of jobs for users. Moreover, the best part about this feature is that it will also provide extra information like the travel time if the workplace is too far. There is also a quick apply feature that will help job seekers apply on the go rather than researching about the company. This sure makes things a lot easy for people who are looking for work. Let’s wait for a couple of weeks and find out more about this feature.

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