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Are you a wannabe cook or do you always struggle with recipes? Like how to make a banana split or scrambled eggs without splitting or scrambling your head? Google has an answer for all your cooking problems. Say hello to the Google Home smart speaker which can now help you cook.

After the much-awaited multi-user support on Google Home smart speaker, Google has added a new feature to its smart speaker. And guess what? This feature is currently just exclusive to Google only. None of its rivals possess this new ability.

Google has been busy with their flagship smart speaker. A lot of new features are being added to enhance the user experience. Among other things, the Google Home smart speaker can fetch you a recipe, help you cook or set a timer.

Google Home


Using Google Assistant on Google Home

As of now, Google Home can fetch about 5 million recipes. The sources for the recipes are among the world’s top food outlets like NYTimes, Food Network, etc. All you need to do is say “OK Google, let’s make a banana pancake.” or, use the Send to Google Home option on the Google Search app on your iPhone or Android device. The Google assistant is not just limited to reciting recipes, you can also ask questions like, “How many teaspoons do I need to make Coffee?”

The interactivity of the Google Home is not just limited to reciting recipes at once but you can also ask, “OK Google, what was the third step?” Moreover, if you are stuck at a particular place or misheard something, ask Google Home to repeat that step for you and done!

Once you have followed a certain step, you can ask, “What is the next step?” Apart from reciting recipes, your now favorite assistant can also play music or do any other activities while you are cooking. No more cream or butter on your phones or tablets. Go wireless!

Long story short, it’s time you let your Google Assistant help you cook. If you aren’t already aware, the google home can do a lot of stuff for you like playing music, getting directions, etc.

This new update will be launched by the end of this week.

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