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If you are 20 something and starting your first job, here are some things to remember that will make your office life a bit easy. Having said that, this article also applies to anyone who wants to ensure a balanced work life.

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Work and work spaces

Tips about succeding in your work place.
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  1. Okay you have been waiting to get started on your first job for a long time, right? Like all other things in life work or your job has its challenges too. No appointment letter ever says “welcome to a picnic”.
  2. Welcome to the work space. You are here mainly here to earn a living. In a few years, you can earn a name for yourself, too.
  3. Till now you paid someone for getting your work done, now you are getting paid for doing work. This changes everything.
  4. As you may have realized there are no bugles or drums on your first day of work or when you get your first salary or even when you get fired for the first time. Those things happen only in the movies. In fact, the first few days can be the most boring ones in your work life, since nobody knows what job to entrust you with.
  5. Work spaces are very different from your home, college, your B-school and your summer internship. There is no one here to spoil you or pander to your whims and fancies no matter how much of a darling you might have been to your mom, dad, brother, sister or your friends.
  6. Try and not seek all your happiness, joy or the satisfaction of living from your work alone. Such things are best provided by our families and friends. So, kindly leave your emotional circus and tantrums at the doorstep. The eagerness to do well and the enthusiasm to learn more are always welcome.
  7. Work is a place where you prove your worth by solving problems, by being a good team player and by delivering more than what you are supposed to. Happiness and satisfaction are natural byproducts of the same. This is also a place where you can earn respect, name and fame, things which are far, far harder to earn than money.
  8. Work is the only thing that we can do non-stop for over 8 or even 12 hours. There is nothing else that can occupy us productively be it watching movies, eating food and yes, even mind-blowing sex! (Wipe that grin off your face please.)

Your attitude is 90% of the effort

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  1. In the work-space there is a lot of place for a difference of opinions, debates, disagreements and discussions, so master the art of persuasion. Everything can be won by logic supported by facts and numbers, well mostly. So, raise your point without raising your voice or sounding angry. It’s not easy but it’s possible and helps.
  2. It’s not a good idea to weigh your salary against your workload. On a bad day, your work will save you not your money. On a good day, you can use your money to have a great night out or a fantastic weekend or a holiday abroad.
  3. Get used to working with strangers i.e. your colleagues. Just like you, even they did not get to choose their colleagues (it means you). Chances are they have the same feeling of mistrust, insecurity, incompatibility, abhorrence of personal habits and appearances about you as you have about them.
  4. No job is too small and no designation too big. People who do well are the ones who get things done, mostly without complaining and crying.
  5. Making the rules of the company as your rules help too as this takes out any kind of friction.

You and your boss when starting Your First Job

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  1. Your boss, the two-legged creature that you despise or fear or like is someone who is in constantly need of full support from his team. The good ones get it out from you by using their charm and communication skills. The not so good ones often scream for it by constantly complaining, shouting or with late night meetings. The important thing here is to realize the need to be fulfilled. If you don’t agree, wait till you become a boss yourself.

The long and the short of starting Your First Job

Tips on starting a new job

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  1. It takes about 3-6 months to settle down in a job. So, be patient, give yourself and your company some time.
  2. It takes about 5-6 years to figure out and has some sort of mastery over what you do. Then some people might start finding some sort of value in you.
  3. If you look around, most people heading top companies never or rarely changed their jobs. This is an important point for all candidates with the starry CEO dreams.
  4. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Be proactive, and run an extra mile with a smile.
  5. Time is important, not just for attendance but in terms of productivity, too. So if you are reading this during office hours, get back to work immediately (after reading the last few points, of course).
  6. Companies only deal in two things – assets and liabilities. So, figure out which list you belong to. There is not a third thing that companies deal in.

Jeff Bezos Quotes

So, fellas, those were the 20 things to remember when starting your first job. We hope these tips help you and good luck! Also check out this amazing article – Best Cellphones by Profession

This post is sponsored by Readify. Readify is a great place for self-improvement tips and techniques.

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