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Are you thinking about buying a new phone but are indecisive? Our best mobile phone picks might be the solution for you!

Being indecisive about the best mobile phone happens a lot when you have to use your phone for a lot of different purposes. And thanks to all the different brands and models available in the market these days, our decision making power doesn’t get any stronger.

We sat down today to hand-pick all the phones that best match your profession, after-all smartphones are made to make you look smarter than ever! So whether you are a doctor or a teacher in an elementary school, this list might help you out in a big big way and maybe save your money from spending on something that you absolutely don’t need:


best mobile phone

Our Pick: Sony Xperia Z1S

Reason: Professional look and its easy to use interface with an Android OS, you really feel like you have a pro-calculator in your hands for those long-tough numbers. It also comes with an onboard 32GB storage for all the heavy files you need to carry around at times!

An Internet Guru

samsung s5 best mobile phone

Our Pick: Samsung Galaxy S5

Reason: If you’re an internet freak and make a living out of it either by publishing your work or selling products and services online, you need an internet freak phone and the best fit for that job is the Samsung Galaxy S5. With a powerful processor and a durable built, whether you are out on the roads or in your office, this phone will serve you right.


lg g2 best mobile phone

Our Pick: LG G2

Reason: Architects need big phones and long battery-life ones so that they can rely on them when they are out on architectural adventures. LG G2 might not be an ideal phone for an everyday user but when it comes to this profession, the LG G2 work like a charm with all it specs perfect for professional usage.


iphone 5s best mobile phone

Our Pick: iPhone 5s

Reason: Lets be honest now, doctors don’t spend a lot of time with their gadgets but they need powerful devices with good management specs and the iPhone 5s falls into that category just fine. It is a very reliable phone and it can make a doctor’s life so much easier with the wide range of professional apps available for the phone.


nexus 5 best mobile phone

Our Pick: Nexus 5

Reason: This beauty is a perfect blend of professionalism and high-tech advancement. Running with the latest open-source Android OS, the functionality of this phone is amazing and engineers like to play with their phones, don’t they, so the Nexus 5 it is!


samsung note 3 best mobile phone

Our Pick: Galaxy Note 3

Reason: This is not a phone. Its a phablet which means its a phone with the design of a tablet, big enough to make you work on it and small enough to act as a phone. Professionals with their own business need a lot of space to work and also need a big phone to work on so this pick of ours is hands down without a doubt.

IT Professionals

HTC-One M7 best mobile phone

Our Pick: HTC One (M7)

Reason: We have always been a fan of what HTC has brought to the market. From affordable phones to the high-res, most-wanted ones. We feel that these smart phones are perfect for IT professionals. They can play tech-tech with their phones as much as they want!


z30 best mobile phone

Our Pick: Blackberry Z30

Reason: Blackberrys are known for professionalism and there is no more professional professional than Lawyers. Lawyers don’t really need all the extras, they just strictly mean business and work. The Blackberry Z30 is perfect for them whether or not they like it.


iphone 5c best mobile phone

Our Pick: iPhone 5c

Reason: Teachers need to look at a good phone but at the same time sometimes need to look into what they can afford. The iPhone 5c phones are made keeping in mind the same concept so if you need to save money and get all the right kind of specs, this phone is the way to go. And maybe because teachers and iphones are both cool.

Sales and Marketing specialist

samsung s4 best mobile phone

Our Pick: Samsung Galaxy S4

Reason: When you are looking at being a person’s person, the samsung family is the best phone you can have, considering that you will be talking a lot on your phone. Plus salespeople really have a tough but exciting job and they need a phone that can cut through the crap and give them what they need. This is our pick!

There you have it! Tell us if you agree or disagree with our picks! We would love to hear what you have to say.

Harsh Shah

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