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We’re always looking out for cool innovations that help people out in their daily lives and one such small but very helpful gadget accessory we found is Pluggy Lock. Let’s paint the picture for you…

You’re off to work and you’re late, you pick up your phone and your keys, put them in your pocket and dash. You get to your car, take your keys out and your phone slips out and falls before you can do anything about it. That’s anything between $300 – $1200 down the drain.

pluggy lock


Or do you ride your bike or run everyday? Are you always on the go and hate forgetting where you put your phone? Are you tired of babysitting your gadgets while you are tackling other important things in life? We found a cool solution – Pluggy Lock.

What is Pluggy lock?

Pluggy Lock is a simple gadget accessory that anchors your device. But in our eyes it does so much more. It lets us carry our phone without hassle, it prevents us from losing important gadgets that we spend hard earned money on and it helps us in operating our gadgets. For instance the Pluggy Lock can turn it into Selfie-Dock meaning you can take all the selfies you want and not to mention watch videos with ease!

pluggy lock


This tool is compatible with all phones and tablets along with any devices that simply have a 3.5mm headphones jack connector. So basically this tool can help you with your iPhones, Samsungs, Nokias, Blackberrys, other smartphones, tablets like iPads and Galaxys, PSPs and a whole bunch of other gadgets. You can get one for all or many for each one.

The Pluggy Lock follows one simple rule, “Twist and Go”. So you can literally just twist in a pluggy lock and forget all about your device till you need it again. The amount of options you have to handle your gadgets with this small accessory are endless.

The best part is that it comes in a range of attractive colors. The Golden one is our favorite!

The brains behind this cool innovation are two young guys; Emmnuel and Mirko. Both these cool dudes are experts in their specific tech-fields and love the fact that their cool new innovation is helping out so many out there.

Check out more information about this cool new innovation on the Pluggy Lock website.


Watch the video here:

Pluggy Lock Video

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