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Apple and Samsung are always in a tough market competition when it comes to their products. They are both doing really well amongst consumers and it is really hard to say which one takes the bigger piece of the cake. However, one thing is for sure, like both the companies, brand fanatics are always in war against each other when it comes to standing behind their selective brand names. What do the Samsung lovers have to say about their rival Apple fanatics? Here is what we found out!

Apple is ‘Restriced’

Samsung users enjoy what they call ‘freedom’. Freedom to use their smart phones the way they want to without having to jail-break anything, freedom to change the looks of their smart phone displays and freedom from any other kind of restrictions taken up by Apple on its mobiles and other devices. All this thanks to the Android OS. Like for instance, Apple devices do not support flash, I mean which device these days does not support flash? Only Apple.

Samsung has ‘Diversity’ while Apple sticks to its roots

Samsung lovers enjoy a variety of products over a variety of designs and functionalities especially because of the Android OS. Apple prefers to stick to its motion of ‘being original’ and always goes back to its roots when a new product is about to launch. For example, if we pick up the iphone 2g and the latest iphone 5s, a person might notice that the originality and interface of the device has not been altered; only modified. Does that make sense over a period of 7 years, not really.

Samsung vs Apple

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Apple is behind on Market Share

True Samsung fanatics are of the opinion that Apple can do much better but they don’t on purpose and this has left them behind on market share. Samsung surpasses Apple’s products in the market since a large amount of people need handheld devices for various tasks these days and with the restrictive interface provided by the iphone and ipad, users tend to switch to Samsung easily.

Moreover, for Samsung users, Apple really hasn’t evolved the way other mobile device brands have in the past couple of years; they just seem to come up with new color ideas for the phone. Obviously all you neutral people out there might beg to differ with these views but we have to keep in mind, these people are hard-Samsung fans.

Only Apple users, who have been committed to the brand since the beginning, are left with Apple now.

Samsung is Bigger and Better

These days it’s all about being big and responsive; yes, we are still talking about smart phones and devices. Samsung lovers think that the company has done well from manufacturing comfortable and handy sizes devices to professional and big ones which do everyone justice in terms of usability. Apple on the other hand seems to be shrinking in size with every product launch. True that!

Samsung is Affordable whereas Apple is a Rip-off

Samsung boys might be right on this one big time. Let’s face it, Apple is expensive. It is affordable but it is priced towards the higher side of the smart phones available in the market, regardless if you are getting the phone with a 2 year contract or just buying it off the shelf. Samsung tends to cater to everyone. From phones starting from as low as $100 and going up all the way to $3/400, everyone gets to buy a Samsung beauty.

The fanboys might have just convinced me with their die-hard opinions about Samsung vs Apple, what about yours?

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