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Windows is something you cannot avoid. It is packed in every new computer and it whether you are a tech-savvy person or not, Windows is going to be there for you to use on your computer system. Majority of the people just choose to use it and some well-versed OS people will choose to install another one on their systems and be free from the Windows parameters. But that does not take Windows out of the equation.

It’s surprising how people are unable to realize how Windows is affecting them on an everyday basis and those who do, don’t do anything about it. Statistics show that people are likely to increase their productivity by 35% if they were to use a more reliable and much more efficient operating system than Windows. Today we have picked out the top five reasons why people should quit using Windows and jump on to a better functioning operating system.

  1. Slow as Hell

There is no denying this fact. Windows is just slow, no matter how updated the version is. If you are a super multi-tasking person, Windows comes in your way. It kills your speed and sometimes it even crashes. You might not notice in the beginning but its weird how with time, your system gets slower and slower.

  1. Prone to viruses

Windows – oddly enough – attracts more viruses. Or let’s put it this way, other operating systems like Linux and OS X are hit by less viruses whereas Windows is always open for all kinds of Trojan horses, malwares and system crashing viruses. If you add an Antivirus to your system, Windows will run slower and your life is never going to seem easy.

No More Windows

No More Windows

  1. Installing Updates is a Pain

Updates are supposed to keep Windows an efficient-running system. But neither does Windows ever seem to get efficient nor do the updates installation seems to get any easier. Installing Updates takes forever, not to mention, the prompt is always going to come up when you are ready to shut down. Users – you have no choice here.

  1. Windows is complicated

Users who have not used another operating system – think that Windows is the easiest one out there where in fact Linux is quite simpler in its operations and features. OS X users enjoy using their operating systems because it offers a less complicated platform to work over as well. Windows have complicated set ups and configuration settings which limit the user’s usage since they just tend to ignore them and use their machines for its basic purposes. Why is it that high-tech users always choose to go for a Mac or install Linux instead? It is worth a thought.

  1. Windows is Expensive to Use and Maintain

Windows charges for everything – even for the things that a user does not need. Some programs are simply not for everyone, for example, AutoCAD so why should users pay for it? Moreover, every time a person wants to reinstall his or her Windows OS, you have to purchase an expensive CD. All this for an operating system that reminds you of one of its programs that you probably stopped using a long time ago – The Internet Explorer. Yes, Windows is like the IE where people might one day just stop using it and look for something better out there in the markets.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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