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Tablets are amazing. They are used all over the planet for professional and routine reasons however one thing kills all the amazement; ‘the Typing’. Typing on a tablet is a pain, no matter how expensive your tablet is or what brand it belongs to. Tablet typing is not ideal when it comes to people wanting to write a simple email, make a simple note, or send a simple message.

Smart phones are easy to type on. You can hold them between your hands and they fit perfectly for your thumbs to do the working, but when it comes to tablets with seven inches and above screen, thumbs never meet and tying takes almost double the amount of what a simple hi-hello can take on a smart phone or a laptop. Forbes is calling it a ‘hunt-and-peck” typing method, which we found interesting. Believe it or not, we came up with five reasons why tablets are excruciating when it comes to typing – see below:

  1. Tablets are tablets, they are not laptops or Smart phones:

Smart phones, as stated above, fit into our hands and allow our thumbs to do all the work. Laptops have a perfectly aligned keyword that we have grown accustomed to and tablets, well they have a mix of both. A wide screen but no keyword – don’t get us wrong, those Bluetooth connectivity keywords and USB port keyboards are available in the market for purchase but they are not the real thing.

Sunil Motaparti, CTO at KeyPoint told Forbes, “Only with improved text input can the tablet become less compromised and a realistic replacement for a laptop,”

  1. Tablets and speed-typing, do not go together:

You can’t type with speed on a tablet which is why typing on a tablet is a pain. It will make you go back to your words and fix all the errors. Tablets open a flood-gate of errors for us when we try to type in a decent one-liner and we don’t find that funny at all. So why do we spend almost over $500 on this piece of technology again?

Typing on a Tablet


  1. Tablets require index-fingers to type – a Hassle:

Index fingers alone were never known to be used in terms of typing. Studies have shown that average users prefer to use their index fingers while typing and they find it a big hassle, face it – they don’t have a choice otherwise, do they?

Trying not to use index fingers and typing like you are typing on a normal keyboard just makes you realize you are making more mistakes than ever.

  1. Tablets are not suitable for long texts, they are okay for messages:

Long texts are next to impossible to create – but we are doing it on a daily basis. However majority of us are trying to work on the tablet for one-liners like messages, yes that is what tablets are really made for, right? Statistics have revealed that such limitations are not going to be improving the tablet-markets in any case, however it is making the laptop market much stronger.

  1. Users have a hard time copy-pasting texts as well:

In addition to the fact that typing is a big no-no on tablets, users have determined that copy-pasting or selecting certain text on the tablet is a hassle as well. Imagine how you would feel if you are trying to paste an important piece of information in an email for your boss, while your boss is on the phone being not so nice for your late work. Utter frustration.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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