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Love taking millions of selfies but are limited to the storage space of your poor smartphone? Is it too hard to organise your photos after an event or a holiday? Have some party pictures you wanna share with your friends but don’t want your parents to know? Don’t worry, Shalbum comes to your rescue for all such problems.

What is Shalbum?

Shalbum, derived from “shared album”, is a photo sharing app that lets you relive precious moments by organizing your photos. Your phone will never run out of space as all the messages and images are stored on cloud. Multiple users can upload photos to the same album so you never have to miss out photos taken from your friends phones. You can privately share albums and search them, allowing you to stay engaged with your memories


What differentiates Shalbum from other apps?

Simple and Effortless are the core features of this application. An integrated group messaging feature allows users to share their albums effortlessly with bunch of people. You can search the albums and even protect it with a password, which makes it really easy to share the albums.

You can directly post your pictures from the app to Facebook with a single click. Most people only share a few photos on Facebook, but in reality they have a lot more photos that they don’t want the whole world to see. That’s where Shalbum comes in, its a bridge between your phone and Facebook, where your privacy is intact and still get to share content with relevant groups of people.

How to use Shalbum?

Create new album for any event like birthday, wedding, party, vacation etc. Share Shalbums in your groups, or ask friends to search for it and entering password. Start sharing photos, messages, comments and likes. Yes, it’s that simple.

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Available for Android and iOS.

Shalbum iOSShalbum Android



There is also to upload DSLR or other photos from desktop. Please share your experiences with the Shalbum application through comments section below.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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