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CES 2015 is making headlines. The Press day saw quite many announcements from many OEMs and the legacy continues with equal enthusiasm on it’s first day. Here’s what made buzz on Jan 6 in Las Vegas.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

CES 2015

One of the hottest topics, AR(Augmented reality) and VR(Virtual reality) is growing fast paced. So was it evident at CES day 1 when Oculus showcased its Oculus Crescent Bay prototype. This new entry in VR adds to the surrounding immersion with the implication of ‘spatialised audio’. This helps in the enhancement of full 3D sound and enhancing the ability to move and interact around the virtual space.

CES 2015

Although VR hasn’t been fully outsourced due to it’s nascent nature ( A 3-minute VR content can cost as much as $1 million for creation), Razer hopes to bring it to the masses with the open-source OSVR Hacker Dev Kit. This kit will be compatible with existing experimental software content from Android and Linux. This kit will be released at a base price of a mere $200.

AR and VR are all set to change the way we interact with the virtual world in near future.

Drive tech

Likes of Ford, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz made their marks with their own iterations of car tech. Ford kickstarted the event with the Day 1 opening keynote. Instead of showcasing any cars, Ford discussed the ways future cars will collect data and implement newer technology to adapt to different road conditions.

CES 2015

BMW showed off its new touchscreen and gesture control features for its iDrive interface. Pioneer showcased the next gen NEX series of in-dash multimedia receivers. The best part is, it allows full Android Auto integration.

Audi was no slouch as it featured it’s new Q7 with Android Auto and Audi Tablet to gain full command over its interiors. It showed off its prowess by even calling one car on stage with full control on a smartwatch! Neat.

CES 2015 CES 2015

Mercedes Benz steals the show with its ‘car of the future’. Late night Las Vegas witnessed an impressive product display, the F015 luxury in motion car prototype. Fully automated, this prototype had spacious and luxurious interiors and a stupendously eye-catching silver bullet design. Hats off!


Intel was nowhere to be seen on the press day of CES. However, there were more than one major announcements by the chip manufacturer on day 1.

CES 2015 CES 2015

The firm focused on RealSense technology and it’s real time applications. Similar to Project Tango by Google, this system uses a 3D perception camera to analyses depth and gestures and interact accordingly. It’s application was evident with it’s integration in HPs Sprout computer for 3D imaging and also ultra-fast Multi Jet Fusion 3d printer. Intel promoted the use of Realsense for security applications. ( One such is True Key, that uses RealSense for facial recognition).

CES 2015 CES 2015


It also unveiled the updated Edison computer module, named the Curie computer module. This button-sized computer is packed with the Quark chip and a whole lot of sensors. It is far smaller and efficient as compared to the last years Edison module, or so does it seem. It has a potent future as Intel partners with Oakley for its integration into futuristic eyewear.


CES 2015CES 2015

Also missing on the press day was Dell. However, Dell unveiled a raft of new products in Laptop industry. This included the smallest, 13-inch laptop and the compact model XPS 13. Also released were trimmed down models of Alienware 15 and Alienware 17.

Home ware

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Not just mobile tech, but also home ware created a buzz this year at CES 2015. European security firm emphasized on the marketing of a home security system. There were also open-source, open-design 3D printers. One such was the Lulzbot mini 3D printer, as well as a few models that will let you print chocolate or even your even own drone!

Pet tech also flourished this year where Tagg showed off a pet tracker. Similarly, Motorola unleashed the Scout 5000, a pet collar with GPS and camera add ons.

CES 2015

More so, Smart Mat, an interactive yoga mat that uses in-built sensors to check your Yoga poses was launched. Skechers launched it’s own line of sneakers. All the visitors looking for a post-event drink were seen contemplating the Kube Bluetooth speaker cum cooler. Very essential.

This is pretty much what happened on day one of CES 2015. What are your thoughts on the announcements made? Do let us know about your views in the comments section below. Stay tuned for your daily dose of the latest feed from CES 2015.



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