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So you’ve bought a new android phone and you’re installing a lot of new applications on your phone. But after a time, you realise that your phone has started overheating. There are a lot of reasons why your phone is overheating. Now whatever might be the reason, it is important that you prevent your android phone  overheating.

So let’s start on making your device as smooth as it was on the first day when you purchased it to prevent phone overheating.

1.Adjust your screen brightness.

phone overheating brightness

Your phone brightness shouldn’t be kept at 100% all the time. It may not be the only reason for your phone overheating, but it may surely contribute to it.

2. Disconnect devices not in use.

phone overheating turn of wifi

Disconnect the Bluetooth speakers or other devices which are connected to your android phone for a long time and are not in use. Connect them only when you need them.

3. Reduce Camera Intensity.

I’ve been using OnePlus One for some time now and I’ve changed my camera settings such the the high intensity camera doesn’t cause my phone to heat. Just set the camera settings accordingly so that you can shoot for a long period without your phone overheating.

4. Clean your Viruses.

phone overheating antivirus

The main problem for the lagging of your phone is malware. All the developers aren’t interested in your device performance, they are just interested in your data. You can download some good antivirus app on your android phone to avoid this. Also restrict access to websites which may contain malware which gets downloaded when you surf them.

5. Check if your cover/case is suffocating your phone.

Phone covers are mostly of plastic or leather. They are insulated materials which keeps heat in, and cold out. This may cause your phone overheating without you being noticed because of the cover. If it is so, please change your phone cover. You might even consider buying a new one if it is too old.

6. Wi-Fi Issues.

Greenify to prevent phone overheating

Wi-Fi doesn’t cause phone overheating. But there maybe some applications on your phone which may start automatically and maybe running in background when your phone is connected to your wi-fi. So stop or remove all those apps which may cause your android phone to heat. You can use the Greenify app on play store which will help you to do the same in a better way.

7. Battery and Charger.

If your phone is old enough, check your battery and charger if they are in good condition. Also charge your phone to 80-90% and not 100% to increase battery life. Also I suggest you to use a good quality original battery and charger for maximum performance.
You can share your tricks and tips too prevent phone overheating and if you have been encountered with this problem. Feel free to comment. And do not forget to subscribe to ReadMeNow for further tech and apps review.

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