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“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” And AIESEC, is one of those organizations which rightly follows this. This organization facilitates a huge number of international exchanges. And these exchanges have an aim to provide young people with an experience that helps them comprehend cultures other than their own. “AIESEC : creators of beautiful mosaic !”


They believe that being a part of this global community, taking management and leadership opportunities and having a chance to learn and question our roles in the society gives them, as AIESEC-ers, a bit of power and direction in becoming agents of revolution and equips them with skills that can bring about a positive impact in society. In short, they have a view to evolve the minds. But before we take a look on AIESEC and its functioning, allow me to give you a brief of how and where was this born?


AIESEC was founded way back in 1948 in 7 countries in Europe. Now, more than 60 years later we’re present in over 124 countries and territories, and are still growing.
Since its establishment, AIESEC has been entirely youth-led. Every single year, new leadership teams are elected from the membership at every level of the global association.
They have over 1,000,000 alumni who’ve been through an ‘AIESEC Experience’, many of whom have gone on to do far-fetched things. The alumni include leaders within business, global politicians and even a Nobel Peace Laureate. What more would one ask for??

AIESEC’s undertaking :

Our undertaking !

Our undertaking !

And like every other organization even AIESEC plans to involve the Indian minds. And they are here with another exciting endeavor.

AIESEC’s Youth Global Entrepreneurial Program

A 6 week AIESEC program provides undergraduate students an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through international internships centered around social issues. The objective is to target the country’s youth and help them enrich their education by offering them a holistic global familiarity.
As a YGEP exchange participant, one will work on a developmental project along with other participants from across the globe, take complete ownership in an unfamiliar environment, manage their own projects and track the results – exactly as an entrepreneur would. We will support them through this experience and ensure that it challenges ones world view and helps them gain a unique combination of multi-cultural, social and entrepreneurial exposure.

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Our local Board of Advisers.

Our local Board of Advisors.

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