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Having a bad day? Love Music? Have you had enough of that electronic music buzzing in your ears for so long? It’s time for the classics. The best part about Coke Studio is that it is a perfect mixture of all kinds of regional music. The artists strive to keep up the name by bringing something fresh and melodious. Coke Studio songs are more than music, each song here tells a different story. We have compiled a list of 10 best Coke Studio India songs to improve your day.

Zariya by AR Rahman, Ani Choying and Farah Siraj

Zariya is a multicultural masterpiece of our beloved musical maestro AR Rahman. Zariya is a perfect blend of hymns, instruments, and chorus. The Buddhist hymns with the Jordanian lyrics makes it so serene and pleasing to the ears.

Baisara Beera by Papon & Kalpana Patowary

Baisara Beera by Papon and Kalpana Patowary is a great mix of Rajasthani and Assamese Music. Baisara Beera is about a wife complaining her husband about the issues she faces in the house. The obedient husband comes up with all the solutions for her problems but all goes in vain. The rustic music, quirky lyrics and the banter between the artists make up the complete song.

Chaudhary by Amit Trivedi and Mame Khan

How can we miss Amit Trivedi’s Chaudhary in the list of our Top 10 Coke Studio India songs?  Sung by Mame Khan and arranged by Amit Trivedi himself, this Rajasthani folk song is a story in itself. Chaudhary is about two lovers and their feelings.

Ghar by Hitesh Sonik & Piyush Mishra

Ghar by Piyush Mishra is simple yet deep. Ghar simply justifies the title by describing all the elements required to make a house worth living. The couple in the song describe everything from the walls of the house, the chirping birds, and the moon.

Madari by Clinton Cerejo, Vishal Dadlani & Sonu Kakkar

Madari needs no introduction. One of the most popular songs of the Coke Studio India series, Madari doesn’t fail to impress. Sung by Vishal Dadlani and Neha Kakkar, Madari is about a man’s destiny that takes a suprising turn all thanks to the Madari’s damroo. Music Video

Tu Mane Ya Na Mane by Wadali Brothers

If you love Sufi music then you definitely can’t miss the Wadali Brothers. It talks about the sincerity of a poet who believes that loving someone is as sacred as worshipping the God.

Jhumoor by Papon, Dulal Manki and Simantha Shekhar

Jhumoor is a beautiful Assamese folk song that is originally being sung by the tea collectors working in the tea gardens of Assam. Dulal Manki’s traditional folk voice and Simantha Shekhar’s modern voice make this an amazing blend of Traditional and Modern Music.

Bismillah by Salim – Sulaiman, Munawar Masoom and Kailash Kher

The diversity of the Coke Studio music can be seen in this Sufi masterpiece sung by Kailash Kher and Munawar Masoom. The song is about the greatness of Allah and the good things that happen in his name.

Piya Se Naina by Ram Sampat and Sona Mohapatra

The Ambarsariya singer Sona Mohapatra’s upbeat voice and Ram Sampath’s unique composition brings back the poetry by Huzrat Ali Khusro depicting love, freedom and abandon.

Pinjra by Clinton Cerejo, Jonita Gandhi & Sanam Puri

Pinjra is a love ballad composed by Clinton Cerejo. This song is special because it gave bollywood two fresh voices, Jonita and Sanam.

I know! I know! This list doesn’t do justice to the other Coke Studio songs and I confess that there a lot more songs which deserve to be in here. To tackle this, we would like you readers to mention your favorite Coke Studio India songs in the comments section below. For more such listicles, please subscribe to ReadMeNow or go follow us on Social Media.

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