Technology has all our answers today. Literally saying, almost any issue that we face has either been solved or is in the process of getting solved.Be it some or the other way. And it is a known fact that students are the most benefitted from it. Smartphones have become a part of a student’s daily life. These cater our various needs that include socialization as well as a study companion. This virtue has been taken a step ahead. ‘AutoMath for Android’ helps us solve mathematical equations using your android smartphone’s camera.

This is a quick walkthrough of the application and it’s major features that make it s0 popular among elementary grade students.

The logic

The application uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology at its core. It converts images scanned by the in-built camera into text. This text equation is then solved using simple math algorithms, which we use manually, to solve equations. The app doesn’t require an internet connection while doing so.

That said, it currently has limited functionality. It provides support for following operations.

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Square roots
  • Powers
  • Inequalities
  • Trigonometry
  • Simple algebra
  • Simplification

Also, the application has promised future support for

  • Calculus
  • Linear equations
  • Complex fractions
  • Graphing
  • Handwritten questions

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, it cannot help you fully with handwritten questions as of now. This means the required equation to be solved must be printed out. However, this shouldn’t be the biggest downside of this app. As promised, it will be implemented in its future updates, hopefully.

Installing the application

Getting the app on your phone is as simple as 1+2. Follow the steps and you’ll be sorted.

  1. Check for AutoMath in Google Play store (Sign in with your Google credentials if required first)
  2. Locate the entry by S2dio
  3. Tap Install
  4. Read through the permissions listing
  5. Tap ‘accept’ if the list is acceptable

Voila! The app will be installed in your device in a few seconds.

Here’s the Play store link for the application :

AutoMath for Android

The application

Let’s go through the application and see what it has in store for us.

The start screen

For the first time when we start the application, it shows a quick step by step guide on how to use the app for solving printed equations

Cropping a question


The equation to be solved must be properly fitted in the given frame. This helps with optimal scanning and recognition. The frame can be dragged and adjusted as per the requirement. Make sure the equation fits properly inside the frame. Try not wasting much space along the borders.

Scanning a question


The equation to be scanned must be at a distance of at least 2 inches from the camera with good focus. Keep your hands steady and make sure the picture is straight. Adjust the viewfinder if appears tilted.

Focusing a question


For optimal scan results, keep flash on. Choose appropriate focus mode that works best with your device. Auto focus mode always worked for me and gave best results.

Scan the question and tap the equality symbol at the bottom to get step-wise solution for the equation. Below is a quick demonstration of an equation it helped me solve.

AutoMath AutoMath AutoMath

Inbuilt text calculator


Your equation is not being recognised for some reason? Fear not. You can edit the scanned equation as per your need. You can also use it to manually enter your equation. Thus you can use appropriate variables and constants and get it solved. The app supports 250+ functions to help you with it.


Math scanning mode


Also included is the Elementary math mode along with the Standard Math mode. The Elementary math mode has limited yet functional handwriting support. However, it can help you only with numbers and not variables.

Here’s a demonstration for the same :

AutoMath AutoMath

Standard Math Mode supports only printed equations. It will surely help you with all the operations listed above. Handwritten equations prove of little to no use here.

The verdict – AutoMath, Yay or Nay?

AutoMath can be a life savor for Android powered smartphone users. Especially when you are stuck on a particular equation or any intermediate step of a problem that has been grinding your gears. However, with it’s limited functionality, it is often a hit or miss case. Solving the equation manually is faster at times. Although it can be used to cross check and verify the solutions and has a potent future. Newer and better functions will be added in future updates. Hopefully,the app will be fully functional in no time.

Do let us know about your thoughts on the application. Is there anything we can help you with? Feel free to drop a line or express yourself in the comments section below.

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