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There are thousands of Android apps that have been released in 2014. Most of them are great applications that can be used for numerous purposes. The versatility and flexibility of Android allows developers to create really good apps that may be regarded as ground breaking. Below, I am going to list down only five of the apps that, are the best Android apps 2014. I am sure there may be others that might also fit the bill.


There are a few best Android apps 2014 that allow users to take more control over the lock screens. Start is one of those softwares. Rather than a skin or a widget, Start is a re-imaging of the lock screen that turns it into a 24-apps hub. Start allows you to enjoy great performance without incurring any delays. You can also launch up to 24 apps easily.
Start can be downloaded free from the Play store.

Download Start

Dragon Mobile Assistant

top android apps 2014

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It is a voice assistant app that is simply worth checking. Dragon Mobile Assistant serves as a personal assistant that only answers questions, but also helps you in many other ways. This app can effectively replace Google Now. It is running and available all the time and that is why it falls in the best Android apps 2014 category. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen will open the Dragon for you. It is also available for free.

Download Dragon Mobile Assistant

HD Widgets

top android apps 2014


HD Widgets is a great app that adds slick customization widgets to your tablet or your smart phone. You also get the option to download more themes and add-ons from the Play store. HD widgets make a number of fabulous widgets available on your mobile device. These widgets display the date, time, weather forecasts, controls and many pother options.

Buy HD Widgets


top android apps 2014

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In plain words, Agent is simply a wonderful app which makes your phone a few notches smarter. There are five agents created for the purpose of automation and bringing improvement to your over all cell phone experience. You won’t have to touch your settings again.
The Agent app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Android app store

Download Agent

Smart IR Remote

top android apps 2014

The Smart IR Remote enables you to control 700,000 devices. It is a great app for android devices that come with infrared blasters. The Smart IR remote also supports air gestures, widgets and macros. In some devices, a learning function is also available which allows users to configure custom button.

Buy Smart IR Remote

What do you think about out 5 best android apps 2014? Comment below.

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