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This is not a typical career orientation post which gives out stereotyped solutions in regards to Information Technology careers. I am going to discuss what all possibilities are there and how you can pursue it. Are you confused as to which field you should go in computers? If you already chose that, is it difficult to chose which platform or technology to select? Today I will try to discuss all the possibilities related to IT which are not so commonly known.

In a stereotypical world, where most of the people give importance to standard measures and careers, let’s explore some new but less acquainted possibilities in fields of Information Technology.

Information Technology careers, huh? But Where do I begin?

Firstly, develop an interest. Find out what you are more interested in. Ask yourself. Do you love coding, writing long programs? Or you love to design and make digital models? When you are done with that, start researching. Google helps a lot. Ask experts of various platforms if your interest matches with that technology. When you are set, start learning. Now the next step, start taking up freelancing jobs. This will help you to implement your skills and earn money as well. Now let’s learn more about how you can implement all these stuff.

Develop an interest

This is the hardest and the most essential part. Before taking up anything, developing an interest is very important. I believe if you want to be successful at work, you need to be passionate about it. That way it makes work fun. But mind you, don’t get discouraged by anything. Bad academic score, stupid people and heartbreaks should not be a reason to lose your interest in your Information Technology Career. Start reading Technology columns, blogs, etc

Finding out your genre

Another big question, what do I do? This actually depends on you. If you like designing i.e the front end part, you can choose that or if you are just fascinated as I am about how things work with mere words i.e. coding, pursue that. There are many other things like technical writer, sound editor, video editor and so on. And like me if you are interested in all of this, become an IT consultant. Just be open to all the information you get. Start reading blogs, forums, news of your particular genre to find out the insights of your interest. Again, Google is best for that.

What are the things I can do?

There are lot of known and unknown things that you can pursue. I have listed a few ones.

Web development

Web? You might ask, web as in websites? Yes, websites are very popular and it’s a general requirement these days. Every company, small or big needs a website today. This field is also vast. You can be a designer, programmer or both. There are various technologies like HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavascriptHTML5, ASP, PHP, RoR and so on. All these technologies are easy to use and can be implemented just by using notepad. In my further posts, I will write in detail about web technologies in my upcoming posts.

Some interesting websites to start learning web development:






Web development Information Technology Career

Web Development. Credits: thelifeoasis.

Software development

Software Programming Information Technology careers

Software Programming
credits: plynt

Most of you know what this is. Even this is a vast field and if you want to make applications and software, this is the best to go for.Even here, there are many platforms like C, Objective C, C++, C#, Java, .net and so on. There are many resources available online. Some of them are:




For more resources you can Google it. Soon I will be posting basic programs related to C language.

Ethical Hacking

CEH Information Technology Career

credits: itgrammar

One of the very interesting fields. If you are conscious and focused, you can make a good career out of it. Almost everyone needs security. The courses are expensive but the certifications are worth it. EC-Council provides official ethical hacking certifications. Check their website for more details.

Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging is full time blogging and heck yes, it earns a lot. Check top 10 adsense earners on Google. A lot of things are necessary for professional blogging. Ours is a professional blog. There are many high profile professional blogs. For example, ShoutMeLoud and LabnolShoutMeLoud actually teaches you how to blog professionally. Do take a look.

Graphics and Designing:

I am sure most of you know about Graphics designing. Photoshop or Corel Draw is the best thing to start with if you want to learn Graphics and Designing. You can get many freelancing jobs online. You can get many tutorials online on Youtube.


This covers all of the video and audio editing. Be it advertisements or movie editing, everything comes in here. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Auditions are good softwares to start with.

These were some of the IT professions you can go for. This is not the end of the list. There are many others like data mining, scraping, data entry, DBMS and so on. In my course of blogging if I stumble upon this stuff, then I will surely share it with you guys.

Earning through your knowledge

I know most of the people might be excited to know about this. When it comes to money, everybody is game. Let’s say you have completed all of these and now you want to learn how these things actually work in real life. Freelancing is the best option as you can work in pajamas, without any degree or certificate and you are your own boss. There are many ads on internet which claim to help you make money. They are all fake. Nothing comes without hard work. Remember that. Now how do I earn and not get deceived. There are many trusted sites on Internet that you can work on. Some of them are:





Out of all these I find Odesk the best. It is very secure and people are authentic. In my further posts I will guide you on how to get jobs on Odesk. Let’s end this here. I know there would be a lot of questions in your mind. Do write us through email or put your queries in comment section below.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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