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In today’s economy, is it not easy to find a job and it gets harder when you have a lot of competition around you with professionals growing more professional each and everyday. It is no surprise that job hunters are now finding new methods of finding jobs online since the conventional methods have simply taken a permanent backseat.

Face it – Employers have digitalised too which is why job-seekers have to adapt to the same practice. Sources such as Huffington Post and Mashable insist that social media comes as no surprise when it comes to job hunting because it’s the ultimate way to communicate these days. Employers use it, so why shouldn’t you?

Huffington Post also suggests that whatever you do on social media, can become part of your background research by an employer so you should always participate on social media with your personal life very carefully. A bad experience with a previous employer or a dispute with an organization going public can ruin your future prospects.

Facebook and Twitter are two platforms that will always have companies posting their job openings on their pages. One way to find a job on social media is by liking your prospective employer’s page and keep yourself updated with all the page postings. On twitter you can use the hashtag facility to lookout for new job positions tweeted by companies.

Linkedin is a Job-Finding Hub. People join this social media platform to find work or jobs and connect with other professionals. The success stories of people finding jobs on Linkedin, after exhausting all other mediums are ample.

Social media websites like Tumbler also allow you to showcase your skills and what you can do for your employer. Let the employer find you by creating an interesting tumbler page and sharing it often.

No one actually ever thought that finding a job on social media would have been possible but the websites mentioned above prove otherwise. Maybe current economies with low employment rate have led us here or maybe we have grown too immune to social media that we prefer to find jobs from such sources.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

A highly motivated individual with a hunger to learn and share as much as I can about everything. Masters in Interaction Design with a Bachelors in Computer Science. I have worked with clients across the globe on various design and tech projects. I believe in giving back and that's how ReadMeNow was founded.

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