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After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook there were big rumors that WhatsApp was coming up with a new feature. There were leaked images from various sources claiming that WhatsApp was coming up with a Voice call feature. There was no confirmation by WhatsApp over this though. But after the recent update of WhatsApp, the online voice call feature got added. The feature is not available to everyone directly.

What do I need?

It is very simple to get the WhatsApp call feature. All you need is the latest version of WhatsApp on your device. (The feature is currently available for Android users only. There are no signs or news of WhatsApp call on other OS’ yet. Hope they come up with an update soon.)

How do I get WhatsApp call activated?

It is not that difficult to get the WhatsApp call activated on your Android Smartphone. All you need is, receive a call from a user that already has this feature activated on his device. As soon as you answer the call, the WhatsApp call feature will get activated on your Android device and your WhatsApp will look a bit different. It is basically like getting an invite from a user who already has it like ‘Inbox by Gmail’. Sounds simple, right?

Does it look any different?

The WhatsApp app will undergo some changes in terms of UI of the app. There are three menus in the main screen itself, calls, chats and contacts. You can see some screenshots down here.

WhatsApp call SS2 WhatsApp Call SS1 WhatsApp Call SS3 Screenshot_2015-03-12-18-21-00

Is WhatsApp Call free?

Yes, WhatsApp call is absolutely free. It requires no extra charges.


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Shreyansh Kotak

Shreyansh Kotak

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