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How to install WhatsApp+ on your Android device:

1. Backup your old chats:

Follow this step only if your chats are important for you. A detailed guide is provided by WhatsApp here:

2. Uninstall official WhatsApp

3. Download WhatsApp+: 

Whatsapp+ v6.26

4. Install the downloaded apk.

 In case you are unaware: How To Install An App From Non-Play Store Source or From An Apk File?

Also, enable to automatically check for updates by clicking menu button > PLUS > Other mods > Auto Updates

After installation you’re ready to set up your account. Open WhatsApp+ and get going…!

5. If you get an error while verifying your number:

Just uninstall WhatsApp+ and install original WhatsApp from the Play Store.

Open it, set up your account and chat with a few people.

Uninstall WhatsApp and install WhatsApp+ again. This should fix any verification problems that you get.

Start themeing by pressing the menu key > click ‘PLUS’ . There are a number of options to customize the looks of your WhatsApp:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Check the video tutorial on How to install Whatsapp+ on the next page.

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