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Adding a sub domain in Dreamhost is just as easy as adding a new domain in the the hosting account. Why would you want to add a subdomain? Subdomains can be added for a multiple reasons – testing your web app, running a different service, etc. Let’s take a look on how to add a subdomain in Dreamhost Web Hosting Panel.

Add a subdomain in Dreamhost

Step 1: Login to your Dreamhost Web Hosting Panel.

Login to Dreamhost

Step 2: Click on Domains – Manage Domains. You will see a list of all your domains connected to the hosting account. On the top, click on Add Hosting to a Domain / Subdomain.

Add a subdomain in Dreamhost

Step 3: Adding the subdomain is the same as adding hosting to a domain. In the domain to host text field, add the name of your subdomain. For example, The other settings are upto you depending on how you want to configure your subdomain. You can create a new user in the subdomain part or use an existing one.

Subdomain Settings


Step 4: Once you are done selecting all the desired settings, Click on ‘Fully host this domain’ and the subdomain will be created.

Host the subdomain dreamhost

Step 5: You will see a success message along with the username and password for SFTP. However, the DNS will take some time to propagate and you will be able to use the domain only after that. You will have to make sure that your main domain is connected to the Dreamhost name servers or the subdomain won’t work.

Success Message Subdomain Dreamhost

Deleting a Subdomain in Dreamhost

If for some reason, you want to delete the subdomain you created, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your list of domains/subdomains and find the subdomain you want to delete.

Active SSL Lets encrypt

Step 2: Click on the Delete option in the last column. Please ensure that you are deleting the correct domain/subdomain as this is irreversible.

Step 3: You will be taken to – destroying all the hosting for domain. Please read the whole message carefully and then check the Yes, I’m sure option. Now click on Remove button to delete your subdomain.

Delete Subdomain Dreamhost

Step 4: Done! You will be greeted with a message that indicates successful deletion of your subdomain/subdomain.

Delete Subdomain Success Message

That was how to add and delete a subdomain in Dreamhost. Please let us know if you have any troubles with the tutorial and we will revert back to you with a possible solution. Please like/share/subscribe to ReadMeNow for more such tutorials.

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