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Recently, WhatsApp messenger started rolling out a new feature called read receipts. Read receipts are simply blue ticks that are displayed when a user reads your message or you read someone’s message. This is a great feature for parents and friends. But, somehow this has turned annoying for a lot of people. Blue ticks have caused a social overhaul and a lot of trolls and memes were all over the social networks. Personally, we feel, it’s a great feature but everyone has their reasons. So, this is a simple guide on how to disable read receipts or blue ticks in the WhatsApp messenger. We have included a video guide as well. You might also want to check out this Rooting basics guide on ReadMeNow.

Note: Before using this guide, make sure you download the latest WhatsApp for Android.

Disable Blue ticks or Read Receipts in WhatsApp:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp Messenger.

Step 2: Click on the hardware or touch menu button. This depends on the device you are using. The WhatsApp menu will be launched. The menu has various options. Tap on Settings.

disable blue ticks read receipt whatsapp

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp settings.


Step 2: Various WhatsApp settings will be displayed. Now tap on Account

disable blue ticks account settings

Step 2: Goto account settings


Step 3: All the settings related to your WhatsApp Messenger will be shown. Now tap on Privacy.

disable blue ticks privacy settings

Step 3: Goto Privacy settings.


Step 4: This is the settings page which contains all the notorious WhatsApp features like last seen, read receipts, etc. Now tap on Read Receipts or uncheck the box next to it. Voila! Blue ticks disappear.

Disable blue ticks or read receipts

Step 4: Disable blue ticks or read receipts


Now, the thing is if you turn off read receipts then you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people. If this is something acceptable to you, then let it go. Perhaps, you might want to enable it back. Enabling read receipts are simple. Just check the checkbox next to “Read receipts” and you are done.

enable blue ticks

Enabling blue ticks


This tutorial was on how to disable blue ticks or read receipts in WhatsApp messenger for Android phones. Sadly, this feature is not available on Windows and iOS devices as of yet. Do you love WhatsApp? Then, I am sure you will love WhatsApp+ as well. Check out this awesome post on WhatsApp+ and some themes for it as well.

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