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Make a healthy change by becoming more Active and Aware.

The latest applications, games in android phones have surely made us lazy. We spend most of the time sitting on chair, couch or bed using such apps. This has considerably decreased our time of playing outdoor games or doing some work. Everyone is complaining about how fat they are becoming.

No time for workout? Can’t afford a personal trainer? Unsure of new exercises to complete in safe and in effective manner? There are many fitness apps which help you alot to eliminate the above excuses and help you be fit and healthy.

Here are a list of fitness apps for android I found which are alot helpful if you want to have a fit body.

Workout trainer

fitness apps for android trainer fitness apps fitness apps fitness apps

Workout trainer is a great fitness app for android where your personal trainer guides you through exercises with various images,video instruction, step-by-step audio etc. Whether you are working out at home with bodyweight or you are in a gym lifting heavy weights, Workout Trainer is the best companion for you. You can also focus on a specific goal such as lose weight, get a six pack, increase stamina etc..

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

fitness apps fitness apps fitness apps fitness apps

So want to have that Six Pack that every guy dreams for? This is the perfect app for you. There are many different forms of exercises that you can do to get those perfect abs. But not doing it in proper form can damage your neck or back. You always need an expert to show you how to properly do it. There are workout plans, video tutorials to help you with it.

100 Push Ups & Pull Ups

fitness apps for android 3   fitness apps for android 2

If you can do a number of push ups and pull ups properly, u have already achieved a level of fitness. Although to reach to it, You need help. These apps help you to increase your stamina and strength. It has a workout schedule which when followed properly helps you to reach your goal.

Google Fit

fitness apps for android 1   fitness apps   fitness apps

This apps tracks your jogging time so you know how much progress you made since you started it. It makes a graph of all your activities which can be observed by you at the end of the day.


Legs Workout and Exercises

Do not be this guy in the gym.



fitness apps for android


So for this, along with your upper body, you need to concentrate on your legs too so that they don’t look tiny in front of your body.This is the best app for your legs exercises. Easy or hard, beginner or pro, the training videos will guide you through the whole workout.

There are many more apps such as Back workout, Biceps Workout, Chest Workout. No need to pay so much to your personal trainer when you can have your own personal workout on your phone.

“Train where you want, How you want And When you want”

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