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Maintaining more than one email accounts at the same time with different email hosts is a daunting task. While Zoho mail is a great choice for free business email accounts, you might sometime need to forward incoming Zoho mails to just one email account.

Why Forward Incoming Mails?

Let’s say you have a primary email account which can be accessed using Gmail. Now, you run a website or a blog and all your official emails are configure on Zoho. While you can access all those mails separately, it’s time consuming and inconvenient. There are various ways to tackle this problem. One of the ways you can do this is by configuring all your mail accounts to either Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. The other method is to forward your incoming Zoho mails to your primary account, in this case Gmail.

How to Forward Incoming Zoho Mails to Gmail?

Let’s take a look at how to forward your Incoming Zoho mails to your Gmail account. Please follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Login to your Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail Login

Step 2: Click on the settings icon on the top-right corner. The mail icon is next to the notifications icon.

Zoho Mail Settings

Step 3: The account settings page will open. Scroll down to find the Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP link and click on it.

Zoho Settings

Step 4: In the Email Forwarding Section, add a new email address. Enter the email address of the mail account where you want to receive incoming mails.

Forward Incoming Zoho Mails to Another Account

Step 5: Verify your email address by clicking on verify. You will be greeted with a dialog box asking you to input the confirmation code. You will receive the confirmation code on your Gmail account.

Zoho Mail Forward Confirmation Code

Step 6: Open your Gmail and find the verification mail. Copy the verification code sent to you by Zoho Mail and paste it in the confirmation code dialog box.

Forward Incoming Zoho Mails to Another Account

Zoho Confirmation Code

Step 7: If your verification is correct, the mail address will be added successfully.

Delete Email Forwarding

Delete Zoho Mail Forwarding

If for some reasons you need to delete your gmail account from Zoho, here’s a simple way to delete it. In the Forward a copy of incoming message option, click on the Delete option. Click on yes to Do you really want to delete? and your account will be deleted.

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