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You must have seen Micromax’s new advertisement about the ‘Swipe n Share‘ feature? It has a demo of Micromax’s flash transfer.  The one that has some guys playing basketball without the ball? Funny, but… okay look this one:

Would you like to have that functionality for your Android too? Micromax has named it as ‘Flash Transfer‘. Well, here I bring it to you! The Flash Transfer app has been pulled out from the system dump of a Micromax A35 Bolt and has been made to work on all other Android devices running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and higher. The app’s name is Flash Transfer and Micromax is first to make such an awesome sharing functionality.

All credits for making it possible on other devices go to the XDA Developers forum member GuneetAtwal (his original thread here).

flash transfer flash transfer

flash transferScreenshot_2013-04-22-22-24-08

 Flash Transfer Demo

All you have to do is, download the app from the direct link below, install it like a normal app. (If you don’t know how to install apps from an apk file, click here.) You have to install it on both the sender’s and receiver’s devices. Then open the apps and follow on screen instructions, we have a quick guide too:

  1. Click ‘CONNECT WITH FRIENDS’ option on the home screen of the Flash Transfer application in both the devices
  2. Click ‘CREATE CONNECTION’ in the Sender’s device and click ‘SCAN TO JOIN’ in the Receiver’s device
  3. Sender’s device will be waiting for a connection to be created after the Receiver joins his/her connection
  4. Wait for the Receiver’s device to establish the connection
  5. A successful connection will show the name of both the Sender’s and Receiver’s avatar icons on the top left corner of each device
  6. Slide option is only valid for transferring image files. To transfer an image, go to ‘Image’ tab and long press the image that has to be transferred
  7. An option ribbon will appear with 4 commands. Click on ‘SLIDE’ option to share the image. Sender can also share by clicking on ‘SHARE’ option on the ribbon
  8. On clicking the ‘SLIDE’ option, the image will open in the senders device. Slide the image from left to right and the image will start sliding into the Receiver’s device
  9. On sliding out the image from the Sender’s device, the same will slide in to the Receiver’s device

You can also share multiple files easily! Here’s how:

Sharing Multiple Files:

  1. Another option to share or transfer multiple images is SHAKE
  2. Select the desired image files in the Sender’s device and SHAKE the handset
  3. Within seconds, the images are transferred to the Receiver’s device. Similarly, other files can also be transferred with a SHAKE. All the shared files will be reflected under the History Tab

It is quite easy  and you don’t need to trouble yourself too much.

Download Link: Flash Transfer App

(click on ‘SKIP AD’ on top right corner of the page that appears after clicking the link)

This app has been tested and working fine on many devices, if you encounter any problems, please let us know in the comments below. Keep reading our blog.

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