Here come’s a new member in the world of innovation. Well, not much new. They started two years ago. After Swype bringing the ability to type without lifting our finger, here comes Minuum Keyboard that lets you type without wasting your valuable screen space!

Minuum Keyboard

Minuum keyboard was under development since two years. It is a project by Whirlscape Inc. An explanation of what the innovation is from the team itself:

Essentially, we like solving problems. Consider mobile typing: Current technology assumes that sticking a virtual typewriter into a touchscreen device is the best way to enter text, resulting in keyboards that have more physical bulk than necessary. People want to make the most of their screen space—or get the keyboard off the device completely. We wondered how to make a simpler keyboard that gives users back their screen space and simultaneously satisfies the quest for speed and precision of text entry. We worked hard for two years to prototype and test an array of new text entry techniques, then formed Whirlscape to get the best of these out to the public.

So, it is a keyboard that is built to give you the pleasure of typing without wasting your screen space or by not having to be very precise. It uses the QWERTY layout but doesn’t stretches to three rows instead, just one! That is unbelievable, no doubt but the company has been working on the project since two years so we can just think of how much effort and hard work they must have put in developing the algorithm that makes our life so easy.

Minuum Keyboard


Impressive Features of Minuum Keyboard:

  • More screen space:

Minuum Keyboard is a one dimensional keyboard that just takes one row on the screen, leaving you with most of your screen empty and free from traditional typewriter like keyboards.

  • Fast sloppy typing:

While using the Minuum Keyboard, you don’t have to worry much about where your hitting the button. The smart algorithm with years of research takes care of that.

  • Large finger friendly:

Got BIG fingers? Hahaha, no need to worry, magnification is there to assist you.

  • QWERTY Keyboard:

No change in layout of keys, it is still QWERTY but with a single dimension

  • Full functionality:

Single row doesn’t mean you are left out from using punctuations and other symbols. They all are there.

  • Type anywhere you want:

You can move the keyboard anywhere on the screen, not necessary to keep it below.

The project is not only aimed to benefit touch screens, but also wearable technology! As the keyboard has one dimension, a surface isn’t necessary for it. Well, we will talk about this later and for now, you can checkout their video :

As for now, Minuum Keyboard is being developed only for Android devices, both tablets and phones, since it is the only one which has no restrictions on usage of third party keyboards. The best OS indeed!

Minuum Keyboard on tablet

Minuum Keyboard on tablet

If this was under development since two years, why did we tell about it now? Because, its first beta release will be available tomorrow for those who have submitted their request to try the app. Yes! They are giving out the beta tomorrow and do not worry, if you haven’t yet requested, visit them now: Minuum Keboard

We will update you about how the keyboard really fits for using in our day to day life. Stay tuned.

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