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Not very long back, Apple introduced the MacBook in San Francisco. This ultra slim device had a 12-inch Retina display (2305 x 1440) and weighed just two pounds. But the biggest catch of this device was that it featured just two ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a new pill-shaped port. But where is everything else…the charging port and all the USB ports? Why only this one weird port instead of everything else. This new port is the USB Type-C port or as it is popularly¬†known, USB-C.

What exactly is USB Type-C?

Type C connector

This is a new type of USB port which is almost a third in size compared to the standard USB port and slightly bigger than the Lightning port. It is basically a USB 3.1 port with a type C connector. But this little port is capable of a lot of things. It can charge the device (here the MacBook), output video and can even transfer data.

Why this new USB Type-C or USB-C port?

USB Type-C Port

The USB Type-C or USB-C is smaller and thinner compared to the previous USBs. So this type of port can be standard in all the devices including laptops, computers, TVs and even smartphones and tablets. No new port for every other device. One common connector and port for all. Moreover, it is reversible, so you need not think which way is right while plugging it in. Also, it is capable to transfer up to 800 Watts of power and can transfer data up to a lightning speed of 10 Gbps.

The USB-C port is also been seen on other devices like the Nokia N1 tablet which has one USB-C port and the ChromeBook pixel has two USB Type-C ports.

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Shreyansh Kotak

Shreyansh Kotak

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