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Recently, WhatsApp users were banned for the use of third party, WhatsApp Plus. Also WhatsApp Plus had to be shut down due to legal reasons. This had been criticized by all the WhatsApp Plus lovers worldwide. Sorry WhatsApp team, but this is not at all cool. For those who don’t know what happened, check out the post: WhatsApp+ ban.

After this, many developers have tried and few of them came up with a totally new version of WhatsApp Plus. It is identical to the original WhatsApp+ with all those amazing features. For the past two weeks ReadMeNow team has been trying one of the version of WhatsApp plus available out there. There are no bugs for now and no signs of any banning by WhatsApp yet.

About This Version:

  • This project of WhatsApp+ is not official and has no association with Rafalense.
  • All the previous themes are working.
  • There are Ads in the download themes screen.
  • The change-log and version number are reset.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • Customizable themes and a whole bunch of themes to Download.
  • Material style icon and option to change the launcher icon.
  • Upload Images and Videos without compression and loss in quality.
  • Material design integration in the app.
  • Hide online status, Last Seen, Double tick (Message Received) and Blue Ticks (Read Receipt).
  • Maximum file size now 30 MB.
  • Try it out yourself to see more features.


How to install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device:

1. Backup your old chats:

Backup WhatsApp Conversations to install WhatsApp plus

Follow this step only if your chats are important for you. A detailed guide is provided by WhatsApp.

2. Uninstall official WhatsApp.

Uninstall WhatsApp

3. Download WhatsApp Plus:

Whatsapp Plus v1.5

4. Install the Apk on your device.

In case you are unaware: How To Install An App From Non-Play Store Source or From An Apk File?

After installation you’re ready to set up your account. Open WhatsApp Plus and you are good to go.

WhatsApp Plus

5. If you get an error while verifying your number:

Just uninstall WhatsApp Plus and install original WhatsApp from the Play Store.

Open it, set up your account and chat with a few people.

Uninstall WhatsApp and install WhatsApp Plus again. Don’t forget to back up the new conversations before uninstalling WhatsApp. This should fix any verification problems that you get.

If you have any problems understanding, check out the video tutorial for the same.

You can check out some great WhatsApp Plus themes by ReadMeNow.

Have any questions about WhatsApp plus, see the WhatsApp Plus FAQs. If you have any other doubts or queries about WhatsApp Plus, do let us know in the comment section bellow. For more updates on WhatsApp plus, subscribe to ReadMeNow.


P.S.: We are not promoting the use of WhatsApp plus or its developer. This post is purely informative and we do not promote the use of any third party apps howsoever.

Shreyansh Kotak

Shreyansh Kotak

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