Transferring data from one Android device to another is a very tedious job. Using Bluetooth to transfer Mega-Bytes of data will take lifetime. And using PC is very boring and time consuming. There should be an easier and faster way to transfer music, pictures, videos and files. Transferring data over WiFi and NFC seems to be the fastest and most efficient method available right now.

Here is a list of the best apps for Android File Transfer:

Fast File Transfer

Android File Transfer - Fast File TransferFast File Transfer is a new era of sharing. This app offers maximum utility with most simplicity. Android file transfer can be done using this app very easily. You don’t need to have an active internet connection. You can either share files, picture or pretty much anything this application. It has two options, WiFi and NFC. As for WiFi it doesn’t connect to any WiFi network, but instead creates its own hotspot. Basically sender’s mobile will act as a sever from where the receiver can download the shared files over WiFi. And the great part is, it is free. Although there is an in-app purchase which lets you receive file from users without FFT and get rid of the Ads (The in-app purchase is not at all essential).

Android file transfer - Fast File Transfer

(The video tutorial for this application to be updated soon)

Xender – Share, Transfer

Android File Transfer - Xender Share, TransferXender is not only a great app for Android file transfer but also for iPhones too. This app supports cross platform file transfer between Android and iOS. And now the latest update even supports file transfer to PC. No need for cable or WiFi, no need for cellular connection. All you need is this app installed on both the devices and your job is done. Now you can easily share pictures, documents, videos and much more at a lightning speed. “Phone Replicate”, a feature that makes it so easy when you change your phone. By using this feature you can select to replicate part of or all phone data (contacts, apps, files, pictures, music, videos) from your existing phone to new phone in just a few simple clicks. And it is absolutely free!


(The video tutorial for this application to be updated soon)

SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share

Android File Transfer - SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share

This application is one of the fastest way to share large files between Android devices using WiFi direct. You also have the option to share via NFC. It is quick, efficient and simple enough. The only problem with the app is that you need to have SuperBeam installed on both the devices, the sender and the receiver. The Pro version of this app disables all those annoying adds, allows you to change the default save location of received files and many more features.

Android File Transfer - SuperBeam

(The video tutorial for this application to be updated soon)


So what are you thinking for. Just download any of these applications and make file sharing fast and simple.

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