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It is a known fact that finding our dream job is always difficult and building a professional resume isn’t any easier. Our resume is a reflection, that showcases our skills and all our abilities that help us progress in our career. However, making a professional resume, properly listing all our qualifications and highlighting our skills has always been a pain. Fear not! Gone are the days when we had to toil surfing over the internet searching for templates and put in valiant efforts just to create a proper resume. ‘Super resume’ is such one such resume builder app, that makes the whole process easier and less tiresome, right on your android device/ iPhone.

When you apply for a job, you compete against dozens of other applications hoping to get the job. This is why it is important for you to do everything possible to stand out from the rest of applications.A Super Resume just might be the competitive advantage you need to get that job.

Super Resume – The resume builder app

The app – Android (Play Store link here, compatible with versions 2.3 and above) OR  iOS link here

(Note – The app isn’t available yet for download through the app store in iOS. However one can apply for an invite and then download the app from the link provided)


Let’s have a look how Super resume helps us building our personal resume in minutes! Are you a video person? Refer to this video guide by ReadMeNow

The start screen

resume maker on phoneresume maker on phone

After successful installation of the Super resume app, we are greeted with a welcome screen that asks us to sign up for an account. We can also log in using our Facebook or Google ID. The options are available as seen in the screenshot. Next, one needs to enter his/her profession. A few examples are student, waiter, mechanic, software developer,teacher, etc.

Filling the info

The next screen is our personal dashboard. Here we enter all our personal details, our skills, Education details, Achievements, etc.The exact list of well defined sections that help make creation of resume a swift task is as follows

  • Personal info
  • Objective
  • Professional summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Reference

1) Personal info

resume maker on phone

This section demands you to enter our personal info and contact info which can be used by employers to reach you. The required tabs to be filled are Name, E-mail address, Accommodation address, Country, Postal code, etc. Also, you can select a photograph to be put on the resume, from your local storage.To ease out your work, there’s an option to auto-fill the data using our Linkedin profile.

2) Objective :

resume maker on phone

Here we need to enter our objective behind the application and our expectations from the post. It can be a short description of what you would want from the job and how you can benefit from it.

3) Professional Summary :

resume maker on phone

Enter details about all your past job learnings, points that give the employers an overview of the work you’ve done before.This section is important as it serves the purpose of creating that ‘first impression’.List out all those fields you’ve proved your mettle at, and what projects you were a part of.

4) Experience :

resume maker on phone

This section is again important as it requires you to fill information about your previous positions and your posts in the past,if any. You can check the option available, if it’s your current job, or leave the tabs empty if this is your first venture.

5) Education :

resume maker on phone

Needless to say, here you need to enter about your education details. This includes your school name, term and the course pursued/currently pursuing. Include details about your secondary schooling, higher secondary schooling and graduation, preferably starting with highest level. To make it easier, everything is sub-divided into individual tabs.

6) Skills :

resume maker on phone

This section expects an input of all our skills.All the skills you’ve mastered can be enlisted. Say you’re a software developer. You can list out the programming languages you’ve mastered, and other skills that can prove beneficial towards that particular requirement.

7) Achievements :

resume maker on phone

Here you might want to enlist your accomplishments you are proud of in that particular field of interest. This section doesn’t stand a compulsion, but if included, adds the cherry on the cake.

8) References :

resume maker on phone

If you’re aiming at a particular post in your desired field, and if you have your friend and/or relative working at some post in a reputable firm, this section comes in handy. Enter the basic details of the person, including his name and contact details, as a reference personal.

Other options

resume maker on phone

This resume builder has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. A few other neat options available within the app can help you improve your resume drastically.

Experts’ review

resume builder on phone

With a review from experts, you can improvise on the tiniest details that matter in the long run. However, you need to unlock the feature for 0.99$. It can also be unlocked by making your friend install the app, by sending an in-app message.

Super Jobs (under Find a job tab)

resume builder on phone

The app facilitates publishing your resume online for recruiters to find you, as long as you as you have the app installed on your phone.

A few sample resumes created using the app are available in the app. The links to those are given below for your reference.

That’s it! You have your resume in your hands in no time.Creating a professional resume can’t get any simpler or any faster.

Dive in, If any doubts, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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