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Fix Legacy Java Issue on OS X Yosemite

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Hey guys, this is a small guide on how to fix legacy java problem on Mac OS X Yosemite. After Apple decided to update it’s flagship operating system for computer and notebook devices to Yosemite, a lot of applications like Adobe Illustrator ceased to run because of lack of legacy Java Support. No worries, we have this covered.

fix legacy java problem on mac os x yosemite

Fix Legacy Java Issue on Mac OS X Yosemite – Video Guide

Fix Legacy Java Issue on Mac OS X Yosemite – Solution

Step 1: Goto the apple support website and download the Legacy Java Package. Click on the download link below to download it.

Java for OS X 2014-001

Direct Link

download java for os x 2004 -001


Step 2: Double click on the dmg file you downloaded.



Step 3: Now double click on the JavaForOSX.pkg file. An installer will be launched.

Javaforosx.pkg install

Step 4: Click on Continue. You will be guided with a basic Read Me of the Java application. It gives information about the changes and some important information. Click on Continue. You can Print or Save it if you want.

readme java for osx


Step 5: Licence. Make sure you read the whole licence before clicking on continue. We mean it. You had to click on continue anyway I suppose. Now Agree to the licence and go ahead.

licence agreement


Step 6: Now choose the default install location. In most cases, this should be left unchanged but again, whatever suits you.

choose install location


Step 7: The most important part. Click on install. You will be prompted for a password as changes are going to be made onto the system. Enter your password.

enter password


Step 8: Let the installation begin. You will be seen with a lot of different screens. Just let it happen. Grab a cup of coffee or beer.


Almost done!



Step 9: Installation over. Now launch the application and it should run fine.





And you are done. Do let us know if you have any problems in the guide.




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