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Hey folks, this is a very simple guide on how to project your Windows Mobile screen to PC. This is done using the ‘project my screen’ feature in the settings menu. There might be several reasons to project your windows mobile screen to PC. Let’s say you have some pictures to show to your family, friends or colleagues. Since the phone‘s display is very small compared to large screen devices, you can easily display your pictures on the larger screen using ‘project my screen’ feature. You can also use this feature to display your spreadsheets, presentations or documents while in a meeting. You can also cast your screen to other devices like smart televisions and monitors wirelessly using a feature called Miracast. Very few devices support Miracast as it requires different hardware. The devices that support Miracast are Nokia Lumia 1520, 930, 630 and Icon.

Note: This works only on devices with Windows 8 and newer versions.

How to project your Windows Mobile Screen to PC using USB

Step 1: For this to work, you will need a Microsoft Windows based application called Project My Screen Application for Windows. Click on the download button.

project your windows mobile screen to PC


Step 2: Now, you will be prompted and asked to participate in Microsoft’s survey. Select whichever is needed and launch the installation file.

windows mobile screen to pc


Step 3: Our dear friend UAC will pop up now. Click on Run. Don’t worry, I know it’s coming from Microsoft.

windows mobile screen to pc


Step 4: This is just another welcome screen. Click on next.


Step 5: Accept the End User License Agreement terms and click on Next. Fairly simple, huh?

windows mobile screen to pcStep 6: Select the location you want to install this application and again, click on Next.

windows mobile screen to pc

Step 7: Start the install and wait for it to get over.

windows mobile screen to pc

Step 8: Launch the application you just installed. There is a shortcut to assist you with that.9

Step 9: Now plug your Windows Mobile device to your PC using a USB cable. Now go to Settings – project my screen.

project my screen app

Step 10: Launch the application you installed. You will be prompted on your mobile device to allow screen projection. Click on yes if you are okay with projecting your mobile device to your PC.

project my screen app windows

Step 11: Voila! You can see your device being projected to your PC.

project my screen 11

So, this was a tutorial on how to project your windows mobile screen to PC. Do let us know if you have any doubts or suggestions in the comments section below.


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