Tips And Tricks To Save Battery Life On Android

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We all know that smartphones are notorious battery hogs. Those huge LCD screens are an obvious drain on your battery, but there’s lots of things you can do to overcome this.

Here are a few tips and tricks to save battery life on Android

1. Use a dark or black colored background:

Most Samsung phones have AMOLED screens which drains a large amount of battery. So better use a dark or black colored background, because AMOLED screens illuminate only the colored pixels. Black pixels are unlit, so more the area under black color, more battery is saved.

2. Get rid of the auto-brightness:

save battery life on android

Don’t use the auto-brightness feature. Although it looks smart, auto-brightness doesn’t really save battery life. Auto-brightness sets the brightness more than required. So it s better to set it manually according to your own convenience. This feature is actually just a big time battery sucker.

3. Vibrate profile- NO!

save battery life on android

Switch off vibrate. Unless you actually need that extra awareness, turn it off. It takes more power to vibrate your android than to ring it. So keep it on normal mode to save your battery life.

4. Take a small timeout to save battery life on android:

save battery life on android

Set your screen timeout as small as possible. If your screen timeout is set for a longer time, it’ll use more amount of power to have it on for long time. Keep the timeout short as much as convenient and practical for you. It’s better to set it at average 30 seconds.

5. Your phone doesn’t need to be smart all the time:

Turn off all the smart features like air gestures, smart scrolling and similar ones. No one uses these smart features everyday. So they’re just draining your battery for a feature you don’t use.

6. You don’t need to be connected 24/7:

Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and NFC whenever you don’t need them. Only turn on Bluetooth and NFC only when you need them. Unless you use Bluetooth headphones, you can keep it off always. You don’t need to keep Wi-Fi and mobile data  on together. So which ever you are using at that instant, switch the other one off.

7. Don’t get bogged down due to widgets:

Keep the home screen as clean as possible. Ignore widgets you don’t use. Specially the ones which are use the internet like weather and news widgets. They just suck up your battery for no reason.

8. Use your battery saving mode feature!:

save battery life on android charger

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If your phone has a battery saving mode or other battery management option, you can make use of it. HTC phones have an inbuilt power saving mode which works great to save battery life on android. If your smartphone doesn’t have any such feature, there are many apps available on the play store which can help you with it.

9. Get rid of animations to save battery life on android:

Disable animations. They just slow down our android and suck battery.

Here is a general way on how to do it:

  •  Go to your settings
  • Then “about phone” page.
  • Tap on the “build number” for around 7-8 times.
  • You will be notified that you are now an “Android developer”.
  • Go back to settings and open “developer options” menu.
  • Scroll down on to the following options- “window animation scale” “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”.
  • Switch all of these off.

This may help you save your battery.

So the above steps may really help you save battery life on android.

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