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fitness apps you should download

Android fitness apps you must download

Make a healthy change by becoming more Active and Aware. The latest applications, games in android phones have surely made us lazy. We spend most…
Enable Soft Keys on android

How to Enable Soft Keys on Android

First of all for those who do not know what soft keys are, some devices do not have any hardware buttons below the screen but…
Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona, Spain

Event News: Top Gadgets at the Mobile World Congress 2014

This is an event update on the Mobile World Congress 2014 where some of the top gadgets for this year were showcased including Samsung S5,…
How To Zoom In On Instagram On Android
readmenow turns two
ReadMeNow Turns Two – Story So Far!
Block a website on Windows(Hosts file)
Android for work
Android for Work : Manage work and home life
WhatsApp Plus – No Ban Version
Twitter Password Reset Email
Twitter Password Reset Email Turns out to be a Huge Mistake