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Typing on a Tablet

Top Reasons Why Typing On a Tablet Is a Pain

Tablets are amazing. They are used all over the planet for professional and routine reasons however one thing kills all the amazement; ‘the Typing’. Typing…
8 Indian Travel Shows You Can't Afford to Miss

8 Indian Travel Shows You Can’t Afford to Miss

How does the idea of traveling to an amazing place, doing local stuff and mesmerizing yourself with those landscapes just by sitting on your sofa…
Enable Soft Keys on android

How to Enable Soft Keys on Android

First of all for those who do not know what soft keys are, some devices do not have any hardware buttons below the screen but…
Save The Internet: Net Neutrality
RoundR – get round corners on your Android device’s screen
earn money online
Top five ways to earn money online
pluggy lock
Pluggy Lock – Check Out a Cool New Way to Handle Gadgets!
Whatsapp call
WhatsApp Call for Android
10 Ways to Learn Languages Faster
10 Ways to Learn Languages Faster