Windows 10 S – Microsoft’s New OS Aimed at Classrooms

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Microsoft recently announced the brand new Windows 10 S operating system along with the new Surface laptop. The Windows 10 S is a full-featured Windows operating system designed for low-cost computers especially for classrooms. The operating system is streamlined for security and performance but the downside for most users is that you cannot install applications out of the Windows Store.

Rumors say that the Windows 10 S is specially created to crush the Google Chrome OS. As per the leaks, it was previously called Windows 10 Cloud OS but was later changed to Windows 10 S.

Target Users – Windows 10 S

According to Microsoft, the Windows 10 S is specially designed for teachers and students. The operating system is great for classrooms because of the performance and security. It is also for people who are looking for great performance and advanced security.

Software / Hardware Compatibility

Anything that can be downloaded from the Windows Store can be run on this latest operating System. Some applications might face an issue as the OS is new but Microsoft is working on resolving them. Currently, any device that can run Windows 10 will also be able to run the 10 S.

Forced Defaults

I think a lot of users are going to be pissed off for this decision of Microsoft. The default browser for the Windows 10 S is Microsoft Edge and guess what? You can’t change that. This doesn’t mean that you can’t download any other browser available from the Microsoft Store but the defaults can’t be changed.

How to get?

The 10 S is not currently available as a separate operating system that can be purchased individually but you can get the OS on Microsoft’s latest Surface Laptop – Performance Made Personal. It will also be available through Microsoft’s Partners like Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Toshiba, HP, etc starting at $189 in the US.


The big downside to this OS is the inability to install third-party applications. However, you can upgrade the Windows 10 S to Windows 10 by paying a one-time fee of $49. The Surface Laptop among others will also come with a limited period for a free upgrade.

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